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Hi Punkdog,

yes, the headliner should be glued on to the roof - originally there was some thin foam glued to the roof, and then the headliner glued to it. The foam breaks down after so many years and the headliner comes adrift. I think there are a few posts on this forum, discussing what glue to use and tips on how to get it alligned right first time around. I agree that it can seem like sunvisors aren't that necessary, but when the sun is right down at the horizon, shining in your eyes, I find them useful. They turn up on e-bay quite often and the vendors probably have used ones that are serviceable. There is also a nifty mod to them to stop them flopping down all the time (this may be why yours are missing), involving drilling and pinning - it is also detailed on this forum I think.

Cheers, Tim.

to replace the headliner is a mess of work. I did it. Used fabric coated foam usually used for pin boards. Bought new snake bite cover plastic shell.  THE KEY: use A LOT of special spray glue. First the snake bite cover onto the foam - let dry. Flattening by help of a kitchen roll . Then lots off glue stuff on the bare ceiling  - after a messy clean up with help of an angle grinder. Then gue on new chell. Then 2 people in car. Mark the chell center on rear and front. the material can be a bit larger as can be pushed into the side left and right rocker at the roof. Work from center to the sides. In case cutter nife for adjustments.

(as the ceiling shell is out, it is a good moment to flood the roof space in the rear on top of the rear glass window with special car inside is an ugly chassis mat which sucks up humity and the starts rosting..).

..make sure you have a case of cold beer at hand..and a towl for the sweat.

Mine look nice now..


FWIW, I copied what another Pantera owner did to replace the headliner after the VERY messy cleanup process. After mocking up with cardboard, I glued vinyl to a sheet of foam-core poster board I fit such that it stayed in place without gluing to the roof. No issues since installing in 2013 and the foam core provides some level of insulation.Pantera Headlinerx 


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  • Pantera Headlinerx

You guys are great !  Thanks you for the info and ideas. The photos look like a pro did the work. Excellent !

The carpets in airplanes are backed with foam for sound deadening. It would deteriorate into dust, get under the floorboards and foul anything that moved. It was a dirty filthy mess that took hours to clean up. Thought I was done with rotten foam. I still have most of the interior out so I might as well get dirty and drink beer. It could be worse. Like no beer.

Thanks again guys.

Over on the Jaguar forum, I have been getting a synthetic suede for many members (like Alcantara) to replace headliners and A pillars.  It is being glued directly to the roof without foam.  The foam deteriorates causing the headliner to drop.  It happened in my XKR today!.  The nice thing about the synthetic suede that I supply them with is that besides coming in about 100 colors, and it being extremely high quality, it is 60" wide and costs about $5.00/running yard 36"X60".  I buy it from a couple of different sources but my main source charges me $4.95/yd.  It looks and feels like real suede and is thicker than Alcantara and therefore more adaptable to gluing directly to the roof.  If anyone here needs it, just let me know.  When my car was undergoing restoration, I lined the front trunk with this microfibre suede, and I'm about to upholster the rear tub in the same.  It's a great, low cost fabric called Passion Suede.  

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