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3336 got a face lift and more reliable electrical this winter. Ready for the thaw... burn rubber

OK, Doug. Here are a few comments regarding the products and installation. The Headlights and fuse panel are quality products to begin with and look great; instructions for both were sufficient.

AmeriSport Headlights: I took my time to ensure I didn't cut or drill where I shouldn't. I measured, and measured, and measured again before ever making a cut; and I test fitting the headlight assembly and bezel before ever drilling a mounting hole. This is not a project you want to hurry through. I was able to cut the headlight buckets without removing from car. Most difficult part of the installation was removing the stop bolts from where they had been for 36 years to install the adapter that allows the stop bolt to hit the switch for the headlight buckets to stop opening sooner for the low profile look. I had to remove the radiator and the headlight motor assembly just to be able to more easily get at the bolts. I ended up having to apply heat to get them out, and the heat caused the rubber end of the stop bolts to fall off. So, I just bought a couple of metric cap screws from Lowes and coated the business end with that plastic dip stuff; works great. The wiring harness adapter plugs right in. Everything works just fine.

Pantera Electronics ATO Fuse Panel: This was plug-and-play all the way. Only difficulty I had was moving the very stiff old wires around when I transferred them from the old to the new panel and then again when I installed the new panel on the bracket. In addition, the bracketry for the glove box didn't give me a straight shot to easily remove the upper screw, and in my case, the captured nut had broken away from the fuse panel bracket. So, I had to hold the nut with a pair of pliers to remove the screw. Otherwise, this was a very easy project, and everything works as it did before. Note that the new fuses face towards the rear of the car rather than towards the drivers side for easier access.

Just ask if you have any questions.

Might fine. Last a long time... Smiler



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