Still in the process of sorting out electrical issues related to dad's #6341 sitting for 18 years. Turn signal work, hazards work, windows switches replaced, Voltmeter/fuel/oil/water temp gauges replaced, dash lights now work (very dimly!!!!) and all fuses replaced.

Took apart the front headlight assembly and inspected the motor. The knob on the manual knob is stripped, a little bit of surface rust and it looks like the motor seized.

Can the front headlight motor be replaced with the aerostar window motor? or is there another option?

As a bonus, I was looking to replace the round headlights and low and behold my dad already replaced it with the square vader lights!!! And they turn on!!! One less thing to sort out.

.... so what motor should I get??


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You want a motor that bolts up exactly to what you have.
The original window motors are the same.
I would use one of those.
The manual knob isn't that important.
You need to push down on it as you turn it. It isn't easy to do.
Exactly where would you use it? Maybe if you were marooned on Mars?
As always, Wilkinson is the source of original parts like this in the US.
Other vendors have them but usually source them from him.
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