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..I'm curious too, and you'd think (with 1/4th of all mangustas made with in-dash AC) there should be a unit available somewhere....The first 300 cars used the IPRA heater box adapted from a Mini-Innocenti (and yes, the knob is same as Austin Mini..! probably also the heater core, maybe the fan, but not the fan motor). The Spanish Ayacsa AC box was made with probably US made Behr fan and the evaporator looks identical to what was used on 70-90's Alfa Spider...). But I have no idea about the system used on 8ma1100 and later. And a quick look at, well, just the dash of Maserati around the same time provides no hint...Lee

Thank you Lee and Simon for the info.

Is there any adress /contact whom I can mail for a unit.??

As so far I have heard  the early Mangustas have 2 separat systems and the later one like mine one unit for heating and cooling .

Is it possible the a part of a Pantera will fit ? with some small changes?

Maybe  somebody  have pictures for me because I have no idea where I am looking for.

The Maserati Mistral has 2 separate systems .

I hope the will be more reactions .

Thank you.


Bart, of all the pictures I've nabbed from every Goose on the internet, I don't have even a vague idea of how the AC fits in cars 8ma1100-1302...I'm even not clear what the single knob is, but I suppose;

   - the single knob is an off/on/fan speed switch.

  - the outlet of the evaporator are only the 2 vents in the dash.

  - the heater outputs are only to the dash vents. toggle switch on the dash turns this off. I see early Panteras had a hot-water cutoff switch, but I think  later Goose didn't even have the water valves in the engine bay. So the heater is always 'there,' even if the fan is not running.

  If anybody knows of a Mangusta parts car, its a well kept secret....much less one of the last 100 cars. But a few have been converted to race cars, there must be original goose pieces somewhere. But if someone can provide a picture...its got to be easier...Lee

Thanks Lee,

I have an early separate A/C unit and also have no Idea what other carbrands use the later style A/C unit .

Have worked on a later style heater/AC unit in a Mangusta whit the dash takeout , but cannot remember the details .

Is it possible that the A/C heater is mounted separate on top of the heater box?

That’s why the toggle switches are turned because the space on top of the unit.

The heaterbox on my Vallelunga was missing , I use a new aftermarket heater box from a classic Mini , whit some homework whit aluminum material I produce a airinlet .

It works very good whit a lot of airflow from the modern fan .

Maybe it’s an idea for a good working Mangusta unit too .


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