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With other makes of cars I've owned and restored I've been able to acquire what is referred to as a Heritage Certificate, or in Ford's case, Marti Report. This certificate would of course document anything from build and delivery dates, motor and vin numbers, colors...
Is this type of document available for Pantera's?
Thanks, Jeff
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Where are all the original factory papers at the moment? I mean, when I drove through Hamburg/Germany after buying my Pantera from Netherlands, I went trough Roland Jaeckel´s place. The history of my Pantera was pretty much unknown, so Roland decided to make one quick phone call (to some old De Tomaso -factory person, I think) and the information was found just like that. After couple of weeks I got those papers by e-mail, and they include all the basic information (in hand-written Italian language). So there has to be somekind of archives somewhere??
Roland did this favour for me two years ago, no more factory around. It is also possible that I have misunderstood something (You know, Finnish talking English with a German). Roland did make a call somewhere, and I never really knew where he really called to. You mean he actually owns all the old factory documents nowadays?
I believe that Roland owns the documentation that has survived. That doesn't mean that he has everything.

I went through the files at the DeTomaso factory back in 2002 or 2003 to see what they looked like. US-era Panteras had rather little information - color, start date, finish date, and not much else. Then again, there weren't a lot of options available either.

Simply as an anecdote, there was no info on Amerisport cars, as the factory didn't consider them factory cars.

The 80's cars had a little more info - interior color, with or without wing, and who the car was sold to.

In no case were there 3 or 4 sheets like Mark mentions for the Geese.
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