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Switching to an IR EFI intake so selling these parts. They are all either lightly used or new. I only ship within US sorry.

Custom Drop Base Air Filter Plans + Parts - Aluminum Spun 1 1/2" drop air filter base + 12" x 17" K&N Filter + Plans with dimensions. Was quoted ~200-300 for cutting out the airbox and base to dimensions. I have more than this into the filter and drop base, so a great deal for a big custom air filter. I measured this for a 9424-a351 intake on an aluminum headed cleveland which I'm told the carb sits a little further back toward the decklid, so this should have even more clearance on a standard iron headed intake. $100.00 + Shipping SOLD

Race Demon 825cfm RS Carburetor - Annular boosters, 4 corner idle screws, 4150 base, fuel bowl sight glass windows, comes with tuning manual, fuel braided fuel log and new fuel pressure gauge + Holley Regulator. $500.00 + shipping. Goes for over $900.00 on jegs for just the carb. Only used it over the summer. SOLD

HVH Super Sucker 1" Tapered 4150 Spacer - Billet spacer with a tapered 4 hole top to open plenum bottom for 4150 $50.00 + shipping SOLD

Hall Super Pantera / Aldan Coilover Springs - These are just the springs 400lb fronts, 700lb rears. $100.00 + shipping

Brand New Aftermarket Pantera Stainless Steel Mufflers 2.5" center inlet, 2.75" dual outlets. $200.00 + shipping SOLD

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