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Good afternoon,

I tried sleuthing thru the posts to find an answer so now I have to ask an embarrassing question.

I'm installing a Mcloud clutch kit today and trying to figure out how to remove the old throwout bearing from the guide so I can replace it.  Does the old bearing need to be pressed off and the new one pressed back on or is this something I can do in my garage with limited caveman tools?  No press available in my cave.




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It's just a pressed fit.  You can drive the guide off by supporting the bearing and using a punch (brass preferred) to tap the guide by the lip inside the bearing.  

If you don't have a press, I'd use a vice to just press the bearing back on or put the new bearing in by laying it flat on a hard surface and using a small board on top of the guide, gently tap it on.  

depending how tight the old one is, you may need to heat it up.  You can also cheat by putting the guide in the freezer overnight and warming up the bearing a little bit before you assemble them.

absolute worst case, Larry Stock over at Pantera Parts Connection sells them both as a unit.  I had to do that as my bearing just slide on and off the guide.  

I'm attaching some picture in case that helps.


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