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I tried to do the right thing, support the Forum Sponsors, and I called them, for prices.Not only were they the most expensive, they were even more expensive on their web listed prices. Now the items on the web are only 1-2 weeks old, so shouldn't be affected by a price rise already !
Perhaps I shouldn't have said I was from Australia !!
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I once went to an auto parts store and asked for a starter for a Cleveland. The parts guy said he couldn't look it up unless he knew what car it was for. I told him it was for a Pantera, and he couldn't find a Pantera, so he went to his boss who told him which starter to get. He came back with the correct starter and told me that it cost something like $486. When I asked him why it was so much, he said parts for exotic cars cost more. I then asked him to get me a starter for my 'other' car, a '72 Mustang with a Cleveland, he came back with the same starter, which cost around $40 (or thereabouts). His boss had no explanation why the same exact starter, with the same part number cost 2 hugely different prices.

This is a slightly different example, but the concept is the same.

You should add you email to your login... I bet you get much more info that will help in the future Wink

That's what Private Topic messages are for, without dumping your email address on the WWW for every spammer with a search program to find.

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