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I'm one of the high bidders on this car. If the seller will let you check it out can you post your opinions on this site? He may be willing to let another Pantera owner see it who will give it a good recommendation to other Pantera board members if it is as nice as it looks. Ozone
Viewed the car today. I saw nothing that caused concern. Did not drive car, though; situation (seller's time) didn't allow for that. Started fine and had no noticeable noises. Very minimal smoke on start up, started on first cranking. Dropped to steady idle.

Car has basically not been driven for over 15 years. Repaint circa 1990 is not a clear coat, but old school color coat only. NOT show car quality, soft orange peel but looks fine from distance. Auction photos do it justice. Perhaps a color sand would smooth things out? No signs of repairs other than some cracking bondo on lower front valance, where curbs and parking bumpers often take their toll. Perhaps a dozen little dings here and there. Slight corner cracking at all four windshield corners and at bottom outside corners of tail lights. All standard spots for cracking on any Pantera.

Glass is all good; windshield is a replacement, however.

Window trim has been powder coated black.

Car seems to be rust free. DID NOT get it on a lift to do a tap and pound search. But no rust bubbles in any of the standard spots; front valance below radiator seemed totally solid. Rolled back lower driver's corner on windshield gasket and saw nothing in term of rust.

Suspension is fully stock. Brakes are fully stock. Clutch master cylinder did not look stock, but I'm not sure on this. Clutch slave is stock. Valve covers are aftermarket, intake manifold is an aluminum Ford piece, and carb is Holley. Air cleaner is not stock; has open element filter. A/C system is stock.

Interior has new carpet, new black felt-like covered headliner and trim pieces. Rear tub and front trunk have redone carpet/felt that looks excellent.

Interior is in good shape; no noticed cuts, tears or burns. Door panels have been altered for the joy-stick control knobs for remote cable-controlled mirrors. Seats are stock and good condition.

Cooling is stock radiator with aftermarket pusher fans; fans are mounted with through-the-fins system than should be removed before it damages fins.

Stock wheels have been recently polished. Polished magnesium wheels are an iffy thing at best; tarnish will soon reappear, some pitting in castings of course do not polish out. Wheels look fine otherwise; I'd repaint to stock Ford Argent Silver to regain stock look.

Due to long term storage, car should have all fluids and hoses replaced. Clutch slave has external corrosion and probably needs replacing.

Seller is a used car dealer; has not spent time with the Pantera and does not know the marque well. But he is honest and a straight shooter. Yea, I know. Used car dealer and honest do not usually go hand-in-hand, but I got nothing but good vibes from him and his wife. Sale is due to the economy; he just felt selling the Pantera was a good method to gain funds. Since he didn't ever drive the poor thing, it is a good thing it will now find a good home with someone who will give it the TLC it needs to be a good driver.

Car is now at about $30K. I think it is a good buy at that price. My gut feeling on the current market is this car is worthy of mid thirties. He has had some European interest, and with their current Euro vs. dollar exchange, selling price may go closer to $40K??

A stock car like this is a good candidate for Euro buyers where gov't restrictions on modified cars rule out most of the upgraded Panteras that hit the market.

Wish I could have driven the car.

All in all, car shows well. Hope this helps.

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