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Hi Gang,

I'm pulling my engine apart for a cam swap, and I fount this thermostat and restrictor plate in there:




What's the point of this modification?
Should I leave it, or revert back to original?

Also, my heater hose connection is rotted.
I'm assuming it can be pulled out and another pressed in place?




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Original Post

The heater pipe can just be pulled out (the barb won’t survive).  You can get another press in barb, or tap it for a brass one. 

I’ll let others comment on the thermostat. But if it was running fine, why change from a $5 stat to something hard to find and expensive?  You have to get the restricted plate too. 

Thanks Rocky.  I'll pull this barb out and figure out a replacement later...

As far as the thermostat is concerned, I did some digging and found a few applicable threads:

I'll have to check my water pump tonight to see if has the bypass hole or not.

Hi 4V,

Thanks for the reply.

I've got shutoff valves installed on my heater hoses, so during the summer no 'bypassing' is happening thru the heater core....

Update:  I pulled out the solid restrictor plate and installed one of Tim Meyer's solid brass bypass plates in its place:

The 333-195 and 333-180 thermostats are readily available again (for now), so I decided to revert back to the original scheme.  To round out the cooling system updates, I will be installing the FlowKooler #1648 water pump, and possibly updating to George P's self-bleeding header tank modification.

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