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Lately my Ignition barrel won't just pop back out. I have to tease it back out. Not every time. The key will come out without the barrel popping out and so when I go back to put the key in, I can't get it in all the way. I sprayed it with some dry lube in the key hole and a bunch of black stuff dripped out. I'm hoping I haven't munged it up.

I know there is a spring that makes the barrel pop back out. Is it a matter of taking it out and just giving it a good clean?

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           I am no lock expert, but I have found that Houdini spray lubricant for locks is excellent for 98% of my lock issues and problems. 

           It available at Lowe's in the small size for $6.


Protexall Products 2.5-oz Houdini

Item #1359769Model #075541223263
          Good luck.
                          Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

there are several good threads in the forum from cleaning to disassemble.

in short:

1) for a procedure with the lock in place clean it with Brake cleaner or that sort to stuff heavily. Then get special lock oil to make it work again, silicon spray will do - no DW 40 that is on mineral bases and will get sticky over time -

2) if lock mechanism is out (a bit tricky as you need to get the 2 "safty" bolds out (look for threads in the forum).  I used on the still NOT disassembled lock system a PREASUR Cleaner with water, soaked it in lack thiner, used pressure cleaner again etc. then lub , this served the deal in my case

3) disassemble .. search on forum and tech notes - top info -

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