My key broke off in my ignition switch.  I have removed the housing holding  the cylinder but have no idea  how to remove the lock cylinder from the housing.  And, where can I purchase a new lock cylinder and keys?

Any assistance would be appreciated.  Bruce Holmes

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I was luky several times to get the broken part out of the cylinder whit a small dentist tooth pick, or something like that .

Other whise buy a new cylinder and you see on to the side a plate whit lock spring/plate .

drill a small hole into the housing on the place where the lock is , and push the inside lock and the cylinder came ou.

there is alo a small locking pin that must push in whit a small pin

This is how I did once.

good luck 


Bruce, there are illustrated directions for drilling out the hidden pin that locks the cylinder in the housing. Try Mike Daily's  east coast website

<thatpanteraplace. com>

This was also the subject of an illustrated POCA Newsletter article some time back, by Steve Liebenow of Nor-Cal Panteras. Apparently quite easy once you figure out the area needing to be drilled. Some of the vendors have take-out switches available; call Larry Stock at PPC. I've seen a boxfull there. Only difficulty is, there are maybe 7 different variations of the stock switch. Photos help.

I recently replaced an Ignition Switch Cylinder.  After the fact it seems straight forward.  During the effort I found it difficult to correctly select the spot to drill through the housing.  The hole in the housing is needed in order to depress the spring clip on the cylinder and extract it.  In my case the drilled hole location was not perfect but at the same time close enough to depress clip and pull the cylinder out.  The brand new cylinder and keys are reasonably priced from a Pantera parts vendor in my area.  And the new cylinder and keys work fantastic.  

joules posted:

I would remove the lock and take it to a locksmith who can extract the broken key and cut you a new one.

When I was in college I bought a 61 VW Bug with the key broken off in the ignition switch.  I'd grab the screwdriver from under the driver's seat and use it to turn the ignition switch.  Drove it to a locksmith who charged me $10 to extract the broken key and cut me a new set of keys. 

There is a good chance that the key broke off because the tumblers in the cylinder are worn and the switch is hard to turn.  The ignition switch on one of my recent Panteras was certainly like that.  The newly installed cylinder on my current project is smooth and turns easily.  Nowadays a locksmith will likely charge about the same price as what the new cylinder costs and the problem with the worn tumblers would still exist.

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