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The idea of the locking column and tucking the switch into the dash is to make the car more theft resistant.

There are one way screws that hold the lock assembly together and you need to get the plastic cover off first to gain access to it.

Having had the steering column out several times I would advise that the simplest and most expedient way to deal with this is to remove the entire steering column from the car and put it on the workbench where you can work on it in a humane way to your own body.

It may be that the mechanism itself just needs to be lubricated.

The wiring from the switch can be disconnect from the junction block with a screw driver.

Once the four nuts that hold the clamps to the dash assembly are removed, the column will just pull out of the D shaped drive socket of the rack assembly.



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98F0D73D-CA2F-46DA-8FDC-BEA205949E419BBFDDF4-9F24-4CB1-8E40-8DDB8220D452 Before going to the trouble of removing the ignition in any manner, you should concentrate on getting the key out. Once removed, proper lubricant can be applied to it and sprayed into the lock. Do not use something like WD-40 or anything petroleum based, it will just collect dirt and gum things up worse. Use powdered graphite or a lubricant designed for locks such as Houdini. 

 The mechanics behind the bumping out of the key consist of a spring loaded ball and a chisel point tab. They sit in a dead end that cannot be directly lubricated without complete disassembly.  I have never tried, but without complete disassembly perhaps soaking the entire unit in a solvent such as lacquer thinner or acetone might free things up enough to give some more years of service.

good luck 



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some adds from my experince with same issue.

above all good...

- Soke the tumble in Lack thinner..for some days....(got the idea from a Forum fellow)
- try key, soke again
- USE A PRESSURE cleaner with Water spray, I mean the REAL mac_coy full steam !!
- soke again in lack thiner   try key
- put the hole lock mechanism in an ultra sound bath (from your wife's "cleaning" box) try key
- use SPECIAL lock oil, silicon spay may do, I HAD BAD EXPERINECE with graphit power (on my house door lock a 300 USD thing - the German's sofisticated stuff) this is a BAD IDEA as it cloggs up..(did the above procedure on the kouse door lock as well and it worked..)

got all nicely working WITHOUT DISASSEMBLE the tumbler..which is not that easy..I know Larry has done it as have seen the detailed pictures!


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For many years I had to wiggle it, jiggle it, turn it over and whisper magic incantations to it while trying to insert the ignition key.

A couple of squirts of this directly into the switch and now it's easy to insert (and remove)  without any tedious dis-assembly at all.

Your ignition switch may vary.............IMG_2465-1


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