I have read some of these and people talk about importing pantera's 15 yr / 25yr rules, duty etc. I am currently importing a 1981 GT5. I had to wait until after Jan. 01 of 07 to bring it into the USA. I have a very good friend who imports Ferrari's new and old on a regular basis for the past 25 yrs or so. That said, we tried to bring the car in last year showing the production # of the car doing spread sheets pin pointing the month built and dozen other creative tactics. Customs response was NO. My friend is no rooky at this and unless I wanted to do all federal and D.O.T safety conversions ( which I do not)I had to wait until this year. It is now in Mi. customs, and is a full 25yrs old , federal and DOT exempt and the cost at customs, $140 , thats it.
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Thanks for that info, Daniel.

I've always heard the later cars were a bitch to get in the states. But the 25 year thing is new to me, and I'm sure others.

Welcome to the De Tomaso Family!!

Toss us some photos when you can, and come back here whenever you have issues, problems or questions.

Trust me, you will have them.. Wink

Thanks larry, I will post them after it arrives, I appreciate the support. I love all pantera's and waited a long time to find this one. Ya, I know, it will have issues, it's built by Dego's and being one myself I willing to deal. I also have an 84BBI and trust me the same thing applies ( built by Dego's) but I love there style!

Welcome to the Detomaso community, check out http://www.panterasnorthwest.com/

There are quite a few Panteras in the northwest and a few in Spokane too! The GT5 is my dream car, I hope to see you (and your car) someday soon. There's great show in Richland June 21-23 http://www.cooldesertnights.com/ If i can get my car back together by then, I will be going.

again, welcome to the family!

John Maffeo

Welcome, great to have another Pantera owner here and another GT5 to boot, excellent.

Sounds like an early GT5? What serial # do you have and is there any history? Peter H has gathered a lot of information and photos on the post '78 cars and I'm sure he'd be interested in learning more of your car as would we all.

Hi, thanks for the welcome, I ve been out of town and now getting back to you. There has been a few resonses where people want photo's and vin. and how.
So here's the short version. I found in by dumb luck. I was working on a car sale to Peter at legendary Motor cars, he wanted my Vintage race car. Simple, it's not for sale but I would consider trading for something like ....a GT5. He did not have or know of any. About a week later I was called by Nick (sale guy)they took one in on trade. I flew to ontario, inspected it, called Santiago Detomaso in Italy to confirm the Vin# 9191 was in fact a GT5. And yes, confirmed by Santiago it's a real GT5. Some one had removed the wing, stud wholes were poorly filled, I had the wing re installed.

There's more details, it's been a fun purchase, challenging, never the less I love the car.

1981 GT5
vin. 9191

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