Hi all, a couple of bits of the innards of my indicator stalk have broken off and I now no longer have full beam and the indicator stalk does not self stop (or whatever the technical term is!)

I THINK the part number is 3025E-13335. The 5 maybe a 6, but I think it is a 5.

Can anyone steer me in the correct direction to finding a replacement?

Thanks in advance
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Contact Bill Taylor here in California.

He is well known for rebuilding these units, for a very reasonable small fee.

SOBill at AOL dot com

Larry, what is diddyman talking about? What is a "indicator stalk" ?

Hay diddyman can you post your avitar in high res, it looks very interesting.
"indicator stalk" ?

Oh, you know those Brits have their own version of what THEY think is English. Wink

An 'indicator stalk' is a turn signal lever.

As in turn indicator.

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What do those lovable lads call a station wagon?

Shooting brake is an old term, not used these days, a station wagon is referred to as an 'estate'
You guys, you're such a laugh. Wink

I wonder if the turn signal lever will be made of ALUMINIUM...

74 LQQKR - here's a larger version of the women. If you look very closely, I believe you can see a car in the picture as well, but I'm yet to find it...

As they say 'a picture tells a thousand words' and those beauties are hot in any language.
I haven't lived there since the mid-sixties...that's why I still use the old term.
I might be mistaking, but to me this part looks identical to Ford Cortina item from about the same years. Believe they might be possible to get hold of in the UK, NOS or from a scrapyard ?
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I might be mistaken, but to me this part looks identical to Ford Cortina item from about the same years. Believe they might be possible to get hold of in the UK, NOS or from a scrapyard ?

Close yes, identical, probably not.

The Pantera used a GERMAN Ford steering column, and the attached German turn signal unit.

I've been told the warehouse with those spares burned down, thus highly limiting their numbers.

I am on eBay UK and Germany weekly (Oh, all right, daily) and I have yet to see a Capri signal unit that matched our Pantera unit.

Plenty of Capri/Cortina/Transit/etc. signal units, no problem there. But none of them are a match to ours.



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I've been reliably informed that it is off a Mk1 Capri. There was a German lady selling one on ebay a few weeks ago. I communicated with her but then hard nothing back and it's no longer on there. She only wanted 1 euro for it, which would have been a good deal.

I've posted on a UK Capri forum to see if anyone has one, but nothing has come up yet.
I've been reliably informed that it is off a Mk1 Capri

But apparently the UK and German models varied.

But hers had the same serial number as mine, so I assume they are the same bit.
I would be careful about which indicator lever you use.

My first new car was a 1974 Capri MkI 2.8L V-6 (bought in Feb 1975). It was built in Cologne, W. Germany (at the time - just Germany now). I owned it until after I bought a 1974 DeTomaso in 1990. You may remember the story at the time: Lincoln Mercury dealers imported the "Sexy European" (Capri) along with the DeTomaso Pantera to spruce up the L-M brand. My Capri was sitting right beside a yellow 74 Pantera ... but that is another story. ...

I was told by a vendor that some of the parts came from a Capri MKI. So, I compared parts. I still have the indicator stalk from the Capri (as well as the steering rack etc.) In my case, many of the parts, including the indicator stalk are NOT the same. Sorry.

So, just be careful.

Thanks for that andriyko. I know the serial number, I just need to find someone who has the right part for me!
FWIW, the stalk is a simple steel tube with a slight bend. One wire for the horn button goes thru the length while the ground for the horn penetrates the two sides of the stalk and is soldered to its outside. This should be childs platy to duplicate in a garage somewhere. Normally, the horse-shoe shaped plastic piece the stalk fastens to inside the turn signal switch is what breaks. And that part IS difficult to deal with once broken. I'd e-mail Bill Taylor in So-Cal if thats all you need; he reconditions the turn signal switches very cheaply.
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