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14682115-1971-de-tomaso-pantera-srcset-xlA friend of mine and forum stalker (he's probably reading this right now) is interested in car 1726 FS in TN.  Does anyone know  this car?  Any previous owners on the forum?


Thanks for any help or advice....



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  • 14682115-1971-de-tomaso-pantera-srcset-xl
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 Lots of pictures on this car on ProvoMo, but your friend may have seen them all, because they look like they’re posted by the outfit who is selling the car in Tennessee.

From what I can see somebody spent a lot of money on this thing. Looks like it was pretty well done based on the pictures I’ve seen on my iPhone ( it’s hard for me to see a lot of detail).

 Personally, I don’t like the big wing, and I agree with Tom Tjaarda that Panteras without the black treatment on the rockers “looks like a fat cat dragging it’s belly on the ground“.....  but that’s an easy fix. The front valance also should be painted black. It just makes the cars look better. 

Other than these minor, easy to correct personal impressions, it looks like the car is pretty nice one.

Of course, he needs to have somebody look at it in person if he can.



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