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I've been going down this rabbit hole since last year and now am trying to get out. It started out by installing LED lights in the dash but I couldn't get my little girly hands in there. So, I took the dash out and that let to "While I'm in there maybe I should do more". But life got in the way and now I am just wanting to get things back together for our fall cruise. I volunteered my wife to help out installing the dash. that didn't work because we couldn't get our hands in the back to connect lights and heat/AC vents. How could I get the dash up close and connect everything? Then I saw that I had Harbor Freight seats that adjust had adjustable heights. 15-16 inches and WOW. I could connect all the lights and heater hoses and simply twist it into place. A lot easier that holding it up by hand, I am sure that there are other options, but I didn't find any on searches.

And I am watching the chase seen on the movie Bullitt. That is great!!!


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I have done this.

The single pod has a trick to it. You need to drop the steering column or remove it to get to the last nut that is behind the tach. You can not do that with the column in place.

I do not have little tiny girly hands. More like big gorilla ones. That was the only spot that really was challenging.

The last screw gets tightened through the tach hole. Then you fasten the tach bracket from underneath through the steering column void.

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