I may have what you seek, but I need to verify it is indeed for a 9.2" deck, but then I suppose you could always mill it. I'll take some photo's and post

Seeing your EFI manifold, I'm seeking a manifold for Weber IDA's to fit a 302 8.2" block if anyone has such lying around. I have a set of 48IDA's I want to use, which in turn means I would then have a 351C Hall Weber IDA manifold (cast iron 4V port size) up for sale.

I just pulled the manifold from the shelf and it's an Edelbrock Victor 351AHII part # 2990. This is the one for high port SVO heads, 9.2" deck.... Big Grin

It has previously been drilled and tapped for nitrous or vacuum lines, which you could plug if not required. It also has two small tapped holes (not penetrating through) on each corner of the side of the raised carb plate. It looks to have been polished at some point and would shine back up with a little elbow grease. I see it retails at $425, but I have no use for it so $125 + shipping and it's yours.

Drop me a PM with your e-mail address if you need more photo's.


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George me all confused there ... I am also very sick .. cant shake this cold.

Joules thanks very kind offer. My email address is ... if you take PAYPAL I'll do instantly ... not sure if you want to guess at shipping or shoot a little higher ??

Your looks better then mine. Mine had alcohol injection and nitrous ports with Thread o lets welded on 2 on each runner plus front and back below the carb .. a real abortion ... I would have to do too much welding to make it right.

My EFI intake Kelly C made it. He may be able to cast you the intake you need or I think Weber intakes can be pruchased for 8.2 302 ...I sold my Hall 351C weber set up to smeone in the UK.

Thanks Again

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