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I am rebuilding Pantera 6997 ( which has been in pieces since 1991 ) and spent a happy long weekend here in Perth WA reinstalling the cooling air conditioning air unit and the dash board -( installing that dash center can - what better fun!!!? ) .

I have sorted all of the wiring into the switch group but am now up to reattaching to  the individual switches. 

Is there anywhere where I can see the allocation of wiring colors to the rear of each switch ? Or where there may be a few detailed pictures of the rear of the main switch panel? And the wiper switch ? 

Any guidance would be gratefully received. 

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The job will go a lot faster without a VOM, we use a Power Probe. Shows whats hot, whats ground, whats neither. All you do is probe to find the hots/grounds, the use the + on P/Probe to send voltage. Super fast to see what powers up the fan low/high. courtesy, wiper switch, even the gauges. Once you get used to using a Power Probe you won't go back.

Percy, there are at least four different schematics- one was in the original Owner's Manual. Most of us use the schematic dated closest to our car's build date, then annotate it to fit exactly. This helps on the second of such problems.  One original early schematic (2 pod dash) has a photo on its reverse side of the back of a removed dash with all the wiring installed, with its own typed color code. Pretty clear shot, too. Don't remember which schematic it was but they're all available for free download to members in the POCA Web Archives.

Could be worse: one of my aquaintances has two Bizzarrini Strada 5300s- one early, the other from near the end of the line. There are NO schematics at all for these cars, and the late car uses all white wires!  Whenever I have Pantera wiring difficulties, I think of him....

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