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So I’ve been chasing a clunk noise for a little while.  Seams to be most noticeable when taking a corner.   Everything appears tight with the suspension, half shaft splines and axle shaft splines/ wheel bearings.

I’m wondering if it is in my LSD of my -2.   In the video I have the car in gear, the left wheel is on the ground and the right half shaft is disconnected.  When I rotate the right output shaft of the zf there appears to be a lot of play or rotational backlash.  I’m not sure if this is typical and expected.

Thanks in advance


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on a few cars I have this clunk noice too, think it also has to do with the springs into the clutch disc ?

or maybe all the little wear togheter makes that there is some clunk noice .

also check the splines on the drive shafts , maybe thick grease will help a little

but when you are driving and there is no ,,sound" it looks ok for me.


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Thanks, Ok I guess I’ll keep looking then.  I thought maybe the clunk was like a Detroit locker type differential sort of.   Maybe I’ll check the suspension again.
I don’t notice it when driving say stop light to stop light, but most noticeable on corners or pulling into a driveway, etc.
The u joints are new and there is no play in the the halfshaft splines or the axle/wheel hub spline.     Hmmmm.

...I once had a 'Clunk'. Turned out to be the Coolant pipes hitting against the FRONT Anti-Swat Bar, everytime I drove in and out of the Driveway, and other ways. The fix is a short length of rubber hose, Split, and bundle-tied around the sway bar, at That Contact Point.

Also, on My Cat, the Right half-shaft 'can' lightly rub against the exhaust pipe...but only on a Very Hard Bounce, on the Freeway.


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