Does anyone have 4 screw plastic wire connectors in their car?

I have one under the console for the cigarette lighter and its light.  There is another under my dash not connected to anything with the wire going up and over the HVAC fan cage into parts unknown.

Were these originally in the cars from the factory?  I would tend to think not except that the connector says it was made in Italy.

If they were original, does anyone know what the two wires are that head up over the AC fan?

I will post a picture of the example in my car in the next post.  I had to open the post up on my laptop as I did not see the option for doing that from the mobile interface (and the photo is on my phone).

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Thanks.  I was just coming back here to answer my own question...

I found this photo which shows the connector I referenced.  My radio was not plugged in (the multi prong gray cable from the radio that goes to the box under the dash was coiled up under the console).  There were several bare wires twisted together for the speaker connections (all gone now), and some butt splices in wires.

Someone (ahem - Circuit City free install?) also skinned the door switch wires to tap into them for an alarm that is no longer in the car.


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