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A couple weeks ago I found the Jehle Deauville, in what seemed to have been its Tomb over the last couple decades.

As there seem to be very little activity around the Longchamps and Deuville around the web, I figured a "project thread" could serve a purpose. It's also nice to have a log of what has been done to the car.

The car was posted on the local classifieds site (, only a few miles of where I live. Having never owned anything Italian, and hardly ever seen a De Tomaso, ofcourse I had to go and check out the car.

Deauville - BarnDeauville - barn3Deauville - barn2

Ofcourse, never having been very bright, so I bought the car.

310099019_1136850363874414_3800106432341048903_n [1)20221004_120939 [1)

That's the face of stupidity.310173974_488065403208058_1210456096367104076_n [1)

At this point I did not know much about the car. Deuville or Xaver Jehle.


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  • Deauville - Barn
  • Deauville - barn3
  • Deauville - barn2
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Couple hours drive later, and I finally got the car home.


After a quick rinse it looks like this. I am aware that there are shared opinions with regards to the way the car looks with the Jehle modifications, but I think it looks fantastic. Though I've always loved an oddball.


I have conversed a little bit with Mr. Jehle himself after acquiring the car (through e-mail and via a few facebook-group members), and he could enlighten me on some of the changes he made to it.

It seems he completely restored the chassis of the vehicle, and replaced all rusty sheet metal. He then re-created the whole bodywork (except roof) in fibreglass. Doors, hood, fenders, rear end - all fibreglass. And as you can see, the trunk lid is made from aluminium. The latter might be stock, but having never seen an original Deauville, I have nothing to compare with.

The new fibreglass body is wider at the front and rear. The change is more discreet in the front, while the rear is based on the Jehle Longchamp flares.

He also found the moulds for the body in his workshop. Still hoping he will find som papers on the car in his archives / office.311041317_627001772299508_7437650670026335294_n

Edit: to be continued.


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Good news!

It is an original Dutch delivered car. The engine number should be 351/173, which should be near the thermostat house on the front of the block. The original colours were Oro Longchamp with a full brown leather interior. First registration was on 30-10-1978 to a private owner.

It left Holland a long time ago. The Dutch DMV go through their books every couple of years for inactive registrations.This one was taken out in 1991, meaning it probably left the country in the late eighties.

I will call my contact who was the service manager for DT in Holland at the time.

He made duplicate records of all DT cars sold and serviced by them and he still has them. All in their own binder, in numerical order stored in filing cabinets. It is quiet amazing that he still has these.

Keep you posted.



I just wanted to mention that your photos are inserted & attachment boxes collapsed. Thank you for your effort.

If you ever feel you'd like to move this topic (thread) to another forum, such as the "specific De Tomaso photo forum" or the "Longchamp & Deauville tech forum" let me know, its easy for me to do.

Its no longer the Jehle Deauville, its the Hafsmo Deauville. Good luck with your car.


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I was not certain to where exactly to put such a topic, and the "Longchamp & Deauville tech" may very well be a better place. I couldn't find any similar car-restoration-blog topics.

I am hoping to fill this topic with fault findings and repairs as I progress through them, as well as asking technical questions.

And thank you. Luck will most certainly be needed.

Had to look for a while to find out where the fuel pumps were located. Not a setup I am familiar with.

They don't exacly look brand new, but seem to be operational. New seals and filters have been ordered.



Brake calipers I assume will need new rubber, and I am expecting rusty pistons. I've seen caliper repair kits on E-bay which also state stainless pistons. Anyone familiar with these kits?



Brake master cylinder has internal leakage. Repair kit for Ferrari 328 has been ordered, and I'll post here if it fits / fixes the issue. The orignal metal cap didn't look great, but I see there are replacements available out there.


Apologies for the lack of cleanliness. I've got kids, so I must prioritize when I'm in the garage. At least I found what seems to be the wiper motor? Also a setup I've never seen before.


New seals ordered for the engine. When time allows it I'll do an internal inspection of this lump of metal. I assume the odds of finding closed chamber heads are close to 0 on a '78?

20221015_210653Leaking main seal?

Rack seems to be ok, but ofcourse, I have never driven the car..20221015_210701

Underbelly of the beast. Is it not normal to have hardlines on the fuel supply?



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  • 20221023_203455
  • 20221023_203601
  • 318
  • 328
  • 20221018_190419
  • 20221018_190422
  • 20221015_210123
  • 20221015_210135
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  • 20221016_111936

Rear parking brake design looks much the same as a Jensen Interceptor Mark111.

There is a place in the UK (Martin Robey) that could probably provide parts (certainly the pads) if they are the same…

A first quick check would be to look at the pads, and verify yours have the tapered friction surfaces that they show on the drawing.

if you’re parking brake it was like mine though, it just needed a lot of cleanup in judicious lubrication.

Hope this helps…


The brakes are indeed Girling types used on many late 60s and early 70s Astons.

Also on Lamborghini Espada and Islero and most Maserati from the late sixties.

The fuel line really needs to be hard line with an 8 mm OD.

A straight swap for the master cylinder would be from a late 80s Iveco Dailly truck or Fiat Ducato believe it or not.

The wiper motor is pretty comon. Mostly used on Rover P6 and Triumph Stag.

The fuel pumps look like they have seen better days but hey, if they work why not! Might have to change the filter more often.

I flushed and coated my tanks with POR 15 tank cleaner and tank coating. Great stuff and good security against leaking or crud that keeps coming loose and cloging the filters.

Dutchie; I don't suppose you would have a picture of how such a hardline would be routed?

Fuel pumps will be replaced at some point, but for now they will have to do.

The DB6 brakes seem to be slightly different than the Deauville, utilizing 40 and 57mm pistons, where the Deauville uses 43 and 60mm pistons.

The gas tanks seem to be in decent order, but as a preventive measure I think I'll do the POR 15 tank treatment. Users seem satisfied with the results it gives.

Anyone know of a decent paint shop somewhere in Europe that can be trusted, while not parting me from all my assets?

I saw that (the ebay ad at 57mm vs. the 60mm on Mangusta and apparently on the Deauville as well...with 43mm still for the small ones). The ad mentions they have  2 sizes yeah, I'd just measure up and ask to confirm the set--$100 for the whole set of Stainless pistons and gaskets is a really great deal--Lee

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The QP-units do indeed look similar.

My progress with the car had to be paused a bit, as the garage needed an upgrade. The purchase of the De Tomaso was not planned, and a bit premature, so its "home" wasn't entirely completed. The presence of a car inside a building under construction does not make completion of the building any easyer.

So, work proceeds in baby-steps. 20221018_20452120221026_220222

As you can see, I am in dire need of storage space, to allow for a clean working environment.


Other projects had to be re-located.


Need to find space for this beast as well. Fresh from the paint booth.



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  • 20221026_220222
  • 20221016_113941
  • IMG_20191009_182043
  • 313480093_488167273271965_3533301664678263076_n
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..looks like you are full steam going on it..

just on the Isetta guess 250 ccm or may be 300 ccm if industrial Motor..with all respect you want to finish this as prices are going up like crazy.., if Car would be in Germany I would come by and get it..20k€ and up...

De Tomaso#s are flat after the hyp the last years in Europe (tell me otherwise mind...I enjoy my GTS Monster.4907..(besides my C2)


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