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For sale is a 1974 Pantera Race car. This is what 15 years of pantera open road racing creates. The car is custom built with a custom tubular chrome molly frame (the green in the pictures is the frame/roll cage). The exterior of the car is a 1974 Pantera body with fiberglass doors and a fiberglass deck lid with everything else steel. The car has had custom professional body work done, that includes, custom made targa top, and the rear half of the car can be lifted off to allow easy access to the motor and trans axle. The trans axle is a 5 speed ZF gearbox, with a 3.20 ring and pinion and final drive ratio of 2.20, built by RBT in Long Beach, Ca. The engine is an 821+ HP SVO 540 with a dual dominator hogan sheet metal manifold, with a 13:1 compression. The car is outfitted with a complete race interior including; racing seats, 5 point harnesses, dead man switch, push button start, on board halon fire system, and lexan firewall and windshield. The brakes are a wilwood brake system. The front suspension is from a nascar cup car. While this is not nearly everything in the car this is a brief overview of the car. If you would like further details please contact me at 831-455-5680 or email me at shefflette831@yahoo.com I have a dyno sheet for the motor that states the 821 hp and can also provide a build sheet of the car. Thank you very much. The car can do well over 220mph but I only have documentation of 219mph. With the final drive of 2.20 the car should do around 250mph. Trades are considered and so are offers. Money talks.

The car is FULLY LICENSED AND REGISTERED! With a clear California title and can be driven on the street.

Here are a few pics I took at Concorso in 2006:

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This is a great price for car with raceing history. So much so I told the wife I was going to offer up my car and cash in trade. She and my daughter about killed me. They accused me of being unfaithfull to my car and called me all manner of names.
This is a really good deal and I hate the fact I have to pass it up.
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