Hopefully the year is treating everyone well. The good news is my move to North Carolina went well and I have now tuned up the car after being in storage for 2 years. (sparks, wires, points, filters, etc.)

The bad news is it seemed to have developed a knock. Would appreciate any insight as to what could be causing this. I have a feeling I know but am trying to not to admit it. See (or hear) the videos below.

Thank you!



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...In My Opinion...Based Only on the Sound; It Is NOT a Main Bearing, and NOT a Rod Bearing! The 'Tick' Could Be:

1. Exhaust LEAK

2. Loose Valve Adjustment/Failing Hydraulic Lifter

3. Fuel Pump EXCENTRIC

Was the Engine Running at Normal Hot Temperatrure? Lifters will Normally Make a Similar Noise (especially 'Solids'), Until fully warmed up And the oil Pressure is UP (Hydraulics).

Good Luck with It!

… Yes! It could be a Rod Bearing, Spun after sitting for years. Just starting to go and has found 'PLAY'.  A 'Main' Bearing would sound like a Deep Rumble.


Thanks Marlin! That gives me something to look into. The engine had not been running for very long so don't know if there would be a temperature issue. I will start it up and run it a little longer. I take it you don't recommend I drive her yet?


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