It has been on the market for a while. Just by looking at the pictures, a couple things stand up:

1. Interior colour combo might not be to everyones taste, and limit the amount of prospective buyers.

2. Sills are unlike any Longchamp I´ve seen. Almost like somebody had tried to make an aero kit, but not bothering with the front or rear.
The seller is one of my neighbors (well, 6 or 7 miles away). I didn't have the time to do an in depth inspection or drive. So, here's the quick and dirty:
Paint is a 20 foot job, poor prep not polished and lifting/peeling in several areas. I think my 1st paint job I did as a teenager in my dad's driveway was better!
There was rust thru in the valance below the radiator.
There was rust on a couple of supports the rear of the trunk under the carpet and along the lower seam of the left rear 1/4. I didn't look for more.
The motor started right up(it was warm before I got there) and ran fine, sounded good but, there was a bit of smoke. If the motor was rebuilt 3000 miles ago I think it was rebuilt by Krylon.
Saw the receipt for the trans rebuild.
Tires are good, no A/C(did they come with A/C?), no smog equipment.
Interior is fine if you like the red velor inserts.
Thats the quick and dirty.

Jim Cain
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