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Hi everyone,

bought a set of Campagnolos last year and unfortunately one of the rear Rims has a lot of bondo on it, covering a long crack.

The rest are fine and now I need another 10X15 rim. I know they are rare, but if you have one or a set of 15x10 let me know.

Best regards and as always, sorry for my bad english,


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short rib, thanks for the hint.

I bought them from a friend, who bought them more than 10 years ago and never installed them. That's all I know.

I gave the rim to a specialist who welds magnesium and has his own business repairing rims and he refused to weld it. The rim itself also has a massive radial run out (hope thats the correct word) and had 80gramm alone without tire. 

I will definitely not use the rim and won't sell it to anyone.

Has anyone tried the following:

There is a simple test for the health of a Campy wheel when the tire is off.  Hit the wheel with a hammer (the part that normally cover by the tire) and it should ring like a bell.  The bell like sound means the wheel is probably healthy.  If the sound is dull or different than the other wheels in the set then the wheel most likely has a problem.

Georg, is it possible to try this test on your damaged wheel?

Thank you, but I already have a V12-Coffee-Table, I don't think my Wife would approve additional "Special furniture"...

@steve: i tried your test, but i couldn't hear a significant difference.

@all: here are 2 pictures of the damaged part of the rim. As you can see it is exactly where the tire would sit.

And embarassingly it is a long rib, not a short rib. So if somebody has a long rib rim he wants to sell, please contact me.  Felge klein.jpgRiss mit Licht.jpg


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Georg, thanks for doing the hammer test.  It looks like the test is of no use if there is damage to the outer part of the rim.  In the near term I will be refinishing a set of Campy wheels and will test all four when the tires are off.  Based on this episode there is no guarantee that the wheels are good if they all sound the same. Contrarily, if one is off it could point to an internal issue.  

Roin rims were around $1K each last time I priced them.  NOTE - ask Roin if his wheels are legal here in the US - I doubt it.  I had a set of rims stopped by customs a few years ago because of that.  Fedex could not get them released until I filled out paperwork.  Just trying to make you an informed buyer prepared to navigate the US Department of Transportation.  PM me if you want more info.

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