I need one of the quarter turn fasteners for the engine cover,, AND 4 of the little spring clips/retainer washers that hold them from exiting the shield when lifted off the car.

Anyone sourced these anywhere?????

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Close, but I was hoping to find the non-platinum coated titanium version.....! I don't see the retainer clip.....will have to check with the man on those!

That was too easy Forest!!! I guess I am too spoiled looking for Goose stuff that never materializes.....! Very little of it is available via the vendors! Especially the crazy stuff like this!

OK, found the exact retainer on a website for a couple bucks each.

They also have the little retainer clip to keep these fasteners from falling off!

Two questions:
Are the same depth fasteners used on the rear luggage trays?
How many people can use some of these clips...just in case what I am seeing is an issue for them also?

"Normally" there is a small metal retainer clip to keep these things in position vs falling out once you tip the engine cover or rear trunk up or over....

The clips I have measure 12mm from the underside of the top to the closest side of the little cross pin. I believe that is how they are measured.

Some of these fasteners are designed to go into a hole once (at an angle) and then the design keeps them from falling out....but in other apps, there is a small spring steel split retainer washer to do the job......

Had a guy send me a PDF of some pieces, but fighting alligators at the moment and haven't had a chance to dig deeper...!!!

Stay tuned!
Hi Steve,

I think you're talking about these Dzus Fastener plates, but they mount to the engine bay sheet metal. They do not keep the fastener from falling out of the trunk tub, rather they are what the fastener secures against when inserted through the holes in the trunk tub.

To remove the tub, each fastener is turned a 1/4 turn and removed from the trunk.

So where did you find them inexpensively? I'd like to get some because mine look, pretty ratty - surely less expensive than re-plating mine.


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Don't forget there are also little plastic cups that go under the "CAMLOCK" plates that Garth p Smiler osted.

To this day, I still think there are unbelievers, but there truly are devices that keep water from splashing into your trunk through the Dzus fitting holes.

I predict some of the disbelievers may even chime in on this discussion soon.


From one of my most famous articles....

3) 3M PPS Cups to Fill the Holes Around the Dzus Fasteners in the Engine Bay: The majority of the Panteras of today are missing the small plastic cups that went behind the trunk tub dzus fasteners. These cups have the function of preventing water from the rear tires from spraying up into your engine compartment when driving your Pantera in the rain. The caps from 3M PPS Paint fit perfectly into the holes in the bay, and they look stock. In addition, they are a beautiful white color, and don’t require any scrubbing like it takes to clean the old ones, (if you are lucky enough to still have them). These are equivalent to P/N 18129C (Plug Assy, Dzus Fastener Plate), that may (or may not) be available from the vendors. Another Ford Part Number is D36Y-6345408-A from the TSB #7, August 3, 1973. (Kudos to Rick Pacinda, Green Valley, AZ)

I'm looking at the portion that stays in the engine cover when you remove it! These are the pieces that fall out.....unless properly restrained.

The hole is 9mm and the retaining clip is 11mm.....if you still have one.

Have found these, but seem only available in the UK. Biz referred me to a US catalog...but not the same at all...... except for the retaining clips.

Sorry for no pic's!!! Been up to butt in alligators with new place we're renovating so's we can move in! Snakes at every turn.....!!!!

Off to tear up more floor and plug more heater leaks....moldy drywall....crappy workmanship..... never ends it would seem!

OK. found the info.....but now to find the clips!

See pic for the 4002SW split washer. I have seen these on the Mangusta 1/4 turn fasteners, but have yet to find any on the Pantera fasteners "that I have come across"....

Was such a clip used to retain the fasteners from ending up all over your driveway???


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