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I'm looking for the engine bay double cross brace like Precision ProFormance used to sell with their rigidity kit. Over the years I think I bought 3 of those kits from Bobby, but now that he's gone not sure if any one has one they want to get rid of or knows of someone making one like that


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I think this was a Hall Pantera design originally, vendors sold as part of a 4 piece chassis rigidity kit. I get the impression Hall are mostly selling down inventory now, rather than restocking, but perhaps they have drawings or willing to have a batch made if there's enough interest.

Bobby's site is actually still active;

Suspension & Chassis 1000 Chassis Rigidity Kit (

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The Hall and Precision ProFormance kits appear to be the same. Hall makes nothing in-house and since Bob and Don both worked for Hall at one point, they know the sources for most of the Hall products.

My Pantera has a Hall Pantera aftermarket front hood latch kit. Recently, the latch became very hard to release so I set out to get a new one. I called Tara at Hall and not only did she not have any, she had no idea what the OEM application was. She had drawings, instructions, parts and sources listed; everything except the OEM application and source for the latch itself. I called Don and explained the situation. As expected, he knew exactly what the OEM application was! 

Thanks everyone!

I don't think the Precision ProFormance website ever went off-line.

Last year I contacted Don about some parts. He said that he doesn't have access to Precision ProFormance (or what's left of it) but has access to some parts. I'm not sure what that means exactly. Maybe he has these kits or knows where to find one?


Mike, originally, the Byars brothers were in business together. But after awhile they split up so Bobby made parts while Don did whole-car restorations. Two different mostly-one-man shops a hundred+ miles apart. Then Bobby passed away and Don lost his helper. I think the remains of Bob's spare parts are being handled by his wife when she has time.

I was told Bobby's wife sold all the parts as a lot not long after his passing. Larry Stock's braces are a very different design. I have one of Bobby's rear braces somewhere, not planning to sell it, but I could take measurements if someone wants to reproduce.

I cannot seem to find any of these 4-piece kits for sale.  I am currently reproducing a set based on chassis measurements and photos I found of these kits on the internet. Anyone kind enough to measure the parts ? I will do CAD drawings and will share them with anyone who might need to produce a set. I will be doing mine using Chromoly.

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