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Evening all,

I don’t have a fuse box cover, I know they are available from Maseratinet but I want to do one without the Maserati logo. I’ll get someone locally to produce a decal.
Does anyone have a clear high def photo of the cover WITHOUT the black bottoms as per the left hand version in photo, I can’t seem to find any pictures without the buttons being screwed in, which cover part of the script.
we can then decide if folks prefer to have one with correct legend (ie no elec fuel pump or with)  I’ll them share the file here for others to produce.

thx in advance



Mangusta v Maserati


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  • Mangusta v Maserati
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Hey Larry, the cover is actually 4 pieces. 2 screws, plastic cover and aluminum printed plate.  Mark Charlton reproduced the aluminum part a few months back.  The plastic cover is found on Fiats and Pantera’s. The vendors may have those as well.

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