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So, I've moved onto getting the trim together for my car.  The bucket seats are already at trimmers, the rest I will take early next year. The colour is original, some of the panels have my chassis number and "Rosso" written on reverse.  My car has the AC underneath the dash and vents on lower edge with high level left to right toggle switches.

Apologies for the poor photo but I seem to have:

Centre console complete with leather shift surround, (ashtray and shift plate are elsewhere as are the heater sliders).

2 panels behind driver and passenger.

2 door panels (speaker holes will be covered over) I also have the black covers / inserts  for access to elec windows
2 door tops in metal
Rectangle Centre frame and Headlining
The dash top
Small piece of under dash trim near passenger door (I have the original AC plus the 2 pieces either side of the steering wheel)
My questions:
1) Is the "Rosso" a standard Maserati colour?
2) should the black access covers in door panels be covered in leather?
3) Are there any panels (metal) fibreglass which sit around the A posts and above the windshield and rear window between the structure of car and the rectangular frame in photo? If so anyone have any pictures of them off the car as guys will have to make those
4) In the bottom right hand corner is one kick panel for footwell, (not sure which side), I presume the car had one each side, anyone have a picture of those and is it a mirror image of the one I have?
5) I presume there is only 1 kick panel by A post and rest of tunnel and footwell is carpeted?
6) Finally any pieces I have missing (apart from hr coin tray) ?  If so what and anyone have any pictures?
If anyone has stage photos of a retrim (other than Jonny Woods photos which I've studied) that would be fantastic
Thanks in advance guys


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My questions:
1) They may be the same for Ghibli as they were assembled on the same line.
2) No, they are a heavy wrinkle paint finish,  Mangusta on left, Pantera on right (itis slightly smaller and has 4 tabs vs 3 on the Mangusta)
3) There are panels there, but I personally have not taken them off.
4) Yes there are 2 kick pads, they are an aluminium piece, recovered in thin leather.
5) Short answer yes.
6) Do you have the knee bolster pieces?


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  • ___379_266_Mangusta2(1)
  • mangusta%20paint%20colors
  • IMG_0144: Mangusta (L),  Pantera (R) , not the same
  • rhint.1298
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Thanks Denis, I do have the bolster pieces, what I don’t think I have are any pieces that go around the A posts/ above the door, above windshield effectively inside the rectangle frame.

do we know if these are separate pieces (which are covered by leather) or is the leather  simply glued to the frame itself (ie no separate pieces)?



  Larry, here are pictures from Chris on one of his cars...You seem to be in pretty great shape wrt completeness, and even originality.


   - leather is natural top grain, do not use embossed ("pebbled"), smooth or split hide...There is also no vinyl used anywhere on the Goose.

  - leather is glued directly (without padding) on the dash, the interior of the glove box, the coin tray, the headliner frame, the front left/right kick plates, and then continuously from the bottom front sides of the doors thru the B pillars to above all the glass and down to the floor at the C-columns...wrapping under the rear hatch releases. Passenger side may need to remove the gas tank to remove that side latch. As I can tell, black leather was used on -all- the window emergency cover plugs (no matter the interior color).

- underlay and sound deadening, 8ma1074 provided some great pictures;

a. floor, under the center console, and on top of the wheelwells is 10mm felt. This was bitumen infused on the floorboards, but see the picture of the driver side and (like the underlay around the fuse box cover) using something with a latex cover may be the best replacement.

b. thin foam was used under the headliner leather and under the leather on the door horizontal trim (at the beltline).  Yet thinner padding under the leather on the rear bulkhead panels. Behind the rear bulkhead, consider something like a dynamat rubber. But avoid any temptation to go too thick anywhere...when in doubt, thin is in...

b. carpet was direct to metal along the lower door thresholds. As I can tell, there was -possibly- a thin underlay under the carpet at the wheelwells...see the picture at the firewall (with thin, probably less than 6mm thick the side of the custom-but-tidy work done by the 'crazy Eddie' owner for 8ma1074...

The defroster vent covers are one of the Goose mysteries, common sense tells us that they should have been leveraged from a common car, but nobody has found a match to Fiat/Alfa/Lancia or even Maserati (and maybe like the rear view interior mirror, maybe just linked to something crazy like an Iso Fidia ...).


Images (11)
  • 8ma1074 driver footwell
  • 8ma1074 floorboard driver
  • 8ma1074
  • 8ma1074 under center console
  • 8ma1074 passenger bulkhead
  • 8ma1074
  • 8ma1074 driver bulkhead
  • front firewall underlay
  • P1070860
  • carpet and leather direct to metal
  • glove box
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