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I have for sale Two (2) Mangustas 69 and 70 (69 four headlight car) both
cars are running registered insured (complete) and ready to drive
anywhere! both cars are older but decent paint and original interior
both are original california/arizona cars that have been in my personal
collection since 91 and 94. both cars show minor (very minor) paint
blister in the forward section lower of the doors (only).. fluids get
changed on a regular basis and repairs are kept up, these are not flat tire chicken
coup rides. i rotate these cars on a regular basis and fix the little
things as they happen.69 just took first at the boise roadster show but
i would not say it is a show car! if interested please EMAIL me
privately or call me at 208.433.1433 40K Ea.FIRM and NO TRADES.. buy one
for less (a in the barn car)) that has not had the oil slung around in the ZF for years or
the break calipers are seized/rusty frame and the bargain will be a nightmare to fix.. I
retired and my wife will be retired soon and we are just trying to keep our insurance
costs down by thinning out the collection. Thanks! Rob..
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