Hi all...installing a new radiator which has two maradyne fans on it. Having difficulty sorting out the wiring. I have the two original relays on the car presently. The maradyne relays say to send the orange/red wire to a keyed ignition source. Two questions. First off, would the keyed ignition source be one of the two pink wires feeding my original relays and if so, then question two is, which pink wire do I use to feed the relay. While there are two relays the maradyne system only uses one feed from the original system and incorporates a jumper from the first relay to the second one. I"m feeding them both independently directly from the car battery. I'm a wiring moron so if your posting to answer, please be gentleSmiler))
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I have no experience with the Fans you are using, but I found this instruction from a Hall Pantera Install Procedure.

If you want, PM Me with your email address, and I'll email your the scan.

I hope it is helpful. Seems pretty straightforward.


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There should only be one pink wire feeding the two original relays, with a pink wire jumper between the two relays. This pink wire should be switched with the ignition switch. You can use this wire to energize the relay coils of your new relays.

Since you will be sourcing the fan power directly from the battery, make sure that you fuse that wire as close to the battery as is practical. Wire size should be #10 or #8, depending upon the current draw of the fans.

Note that sourcing power directly from the battery will causes an ammeter to indicate a charge when the fans are running, and will cause all of the fan current to pass through the ammeter. A voltmeter eliminates this issue.

As an FYI, never use a diode in a wire that powers (or grounds) a motor, as a diode will reduce the voltage to the motor, which will reduce the rpm of the motor.

Hi John...thanks for the post. I thought there would only be one pink as well, with one jumper, however when I removed the tape, there are two distinct pink's. One is darker however and the second seems like a faded pink( if that's possible) I checked the wiring schematic and it appears that the pink that's grouped with the yellow/green comes from the ignition, so I felt it would be safe to use that one. What do you think?
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