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I finally got around to changing out a previous fan relay and fan  upgrade from 30 years ago to a  Pantera Electronics controller and thermostat replacement and a Mirriah fan motors and blades set.

I must say I was not looking forward to installing the cooling controller and thermostat but this part of the install went extremely well. Another very clear , ,dare I say, easy to install and well resolved product from Jon. ( Mind you -I have not fired it up yet as I am crawling towards that objective, so no opinion as yet on the function.)

Onto the fans.

As the car had already been modified for after market fans it was missing the bolt in motor mounting brackets. Fortunately the bases were still there.

I was resigned to making new mounts from steel for the fans and already had started to template the shapes to cut them out when the state had a covid lockdown for 3 days. I had not got the sheet steel material so was a bit stalled on the job . I then stumbled across some feet I had brought as caravan steady feet that had not fit the van and had been shelved. I measured them up and they were a great option. They are very light, will never rust ,  pretty well exactly the right shape and extremely strong. After a bit of trimming they fit very well. And they only cost around $14 dollarie doos each.

Not exactly concourse but an excellent option if you get  stuck.

Lucky the judges will never notice them tucked in behind the OEM factory air horns  ......!



Images (4)
  • Caravan foot piece
  • Trimmed to be motor mount
  • Mount installed
  • Front complete
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Excellent idea safety-wiring those worm-screw clamps. At least one owner had the motor clamp(s) loosen and those spinning, close-fitting pusher fan blades bored a big hole in his radiator.

Enough owners have replaced the less efficient pusher fans with larger, shrouded flat-motor sucker fans, that I would have expected lots of removed stock fan mounts would be laying in the discard pile of many garages.

Thanks Bosswrench. I must say I did have exactly that concern and hence the safety wiring. I tried making the collars up from 3/4 inch stainless steel strapping with bent up return bolt tabs but the strapping  was a bit light to get the proper tension around the motor as the bolt tabs just bent in ( and it looked ordinary ) , hence had to revert to the worm screw clamps. Not my ideal but they seem to work ok.

The motors are rock solid as they are fully captive between the front support and two side rails on the base. The fan tip to top shroud clearance and bottom  grill clearance is quite close  - perhaps 1/4 inch ? I was surprised how tight it all was.

I think there are only three Panteras in WA , so If their mounts disappear they would know who did it!

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