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A wrecked Pantera was cannibalized many years ago for parts, and these pieces were left over.

The lower B-pillar post/ door latch posts were cut outboard of the factory seam locations, or drilled carefully at the spot welds and have zero rust. They could be used if someone was doing a body repair for rust or collision and the quarter panels were removed, exposing the substructure. I expect they will have little value to most, but potentially a large value to the right person. Wilkinson shows these at 475.00 each, I'm looking for 300 individually, or 500 for the pair.

The console inner structure its in good shape could be useful as well, depending on the need. Wilkinson shows it for about 275.00, hard to tell how far his piece goes toward the front footwell. I'm Looking for 175.00 for this part as shown.

For the roof post pieces, make offer. I can cut them down to just the complex pieces that tie the lower b-post to the roof (in front of the rear quarter glass) if that is the part you want to save shipping weight.

All parts plus shipping from Oklahoma City to your location.

Thank you


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