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...I thought a few of you may find this interesting. I had these Spinners for a few months waiting for me to find the time to machine the adapters in my garage shop. They are the Best made. Solid! You look at the cheap ones, and the backs are hollow and thin. These are made by 'American Racing'. The machining was accurate to the .001" and the fit is absolute. The Internal shoulder keeps the threaded bung in place and it is 'Lock-Tighted' inthumbnail [19)thumbnail [18)thumbnail [1)thumbnail [20)thumbnail [21)thumbnail [22). The entire assembly presses in from the rear and can not ride out by Vibration. Enjoy the photos. MJ 


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Thank You.

The first photo is a test fit, BACKWARDS of the Large End Diameter. The threaded part is turned around to seat up to the Internal Shoulder, shown in the next pictures. These pieces are polished to a Interference fit.

The Threaded piece comes with the spinner. They can be found on Ebay. These are designed to install onto 'American Racing' Turbo Thrust Mags. The Threaded piece installs in the adaptor from the Backside and butts up-to the Internal shoulder, and with Lock-Tite. Two Parts can be seen still clamped in the Chuck. THAT assembly is pressed into the Mag, From the Rear to prevent it from coming out. This project took quite a few hours, over two days. All the exact measurements, tool sharpening, positioning, focus of Multiple cuts. I've sometimes been quoted..."You can't Rush Precision". NO Errors.

Just a little bit of 'Flash' on the 'Highway of Broken Dreams'.


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