Going thru some old pics and ran across these and thought I would share.

When I purchased #5683 the stock Campy wheels had Goodyear Eagle tires.
P215/60 VR15 and P255/60 VR15
The wheels have been upgraded to Pantera East Billet Wheels 2-Slot 17x8 and 17x11
They were close in appearance to the Campy’s.
New tires for the new wheels were Michelin Pilot Sport 235/40ZR17 and Michelin Pilot Sport 335-35ZR17.
Attached pics show a comparison of Stock Campy and Pantera East Billet wheels and tire sizes.installed wheelsMore Rubber all aroundP1010238 FrontP1010239 FrontP1010254Rear Wheels and TiresRears a bit Wider


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Great looking tires and wheels! Are there any rubbing issues on the front or back? Are your fenders rolled?

I bought a set of 17 x 8 and 17 x 11 wheels on eBay a year ago and I am slowly in the process of getting my car back on the road. I am looking for tires right now, but I was wondering if your Pantera East wheels have a six digit number engraved anywhere on the wheels? I believe my wheels are also Pantera East wheels but I do not have any documentation on the wheels. My wheels have this six digit number on them.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!


Bill Parmele


Most Panteras will rub at least one side with 245-width tires regardless of wheel OD. Some careful ball peen work adds enough clearance. With that size tire plus removing the spring spacers (U.S. only), and adding extra caster for stability, the wiper motor shield will also be rubbed at full lock. PPC-Carson City has clearanced wiper shields, with your core.

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