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Hi Folks...
I recently raced my 4V headed Cleveland at the drags for the first time...
It was running 3.25 diff gears, top loader and skinny 205/70 14 tires.

The rev limiter was set at 6500RPM, and i need alot of practice on launching, as you will see...

Its my first ever Cleveland 4V, and i'm addicted to the noise these great engines make...
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D block Cleveland
Bore Size: 4.030 torque plate bored and honed, zero decked, line honed, semi grouted, lifter bores honed, Moroso oil restrictor kit, ARP mains bolts,
Pistons: 4.030 SRP forged (13cc dish), HPC ceramic coated skirts and tops. Total Seal file back rings (13cc dish)
Rods: Scat H Beam, ARP 8740 Bolts
Crank: Scat 9000 Cast, Fully Balanced
Sump: Original Cleveland Style, modified by ASR with baffles, windage tray and scraper, as well as an ASR oil pick up…
Heads: Cast Iron Closed Chamber 4Vs. Alloy tongue inserts, lightly ported and cleaned up, 60.5cc chambers. Static Compression Ratio is 10.7:1, so it can (just) run on 98RON pump fuel. Stainless Steel 4V valves, 3 angle valve job, Comp Cams 930 dual springs (155lb on seat, 375lb open), Comp Cams 10 degree locks, Tool Steel retainers, Viton seals, installed at 1.9”
Comp Cams Magnum Ultra Pro roller rockers, Comp Cams 80 thou wall 5/16 pushrods, Guide Plates. ARP head bolts.
These Tongued 4V heads flowed 325 CFM @ .750” lift (655HP) on a superdyne flow bench. (313 CFM @ .600 lift)
Inlet manifold – Scott Cook Motorsports dual plane, match ported to 4Vs…
Cam: Wade Solid Flat tappet & Comp Cams EDM lifters
Im going to explain advertised duration at .006 thou, 20 thou and then 50 thou. figures
302 intake /314 exhaust degrees at the lobe (or 6 thou?)
286/297 degrees Advertised @ .020 thou
248/258 degrees @50 thou
.618/.628 lift (.597/.606 lift at the valve)
108 LSA - 76 degrees overlap (at 0.020 thou) -
Intake Centreline 104, Exhaust Centreline 112 (i think its installed at 104)

Timing Events
Adv at the lobe (or perhaps 0.006 thou)
Open Close
Intake 46 Btdc 76 Abdc
Exhaust 88 Bbdc 46 Atdc
92 Deg Over-lap

Timing Events @020 (Apparently most cam companies measure advertised timing at 20 thou?)
Open Close
intake 39 BTDC 67.5 ABDC
exhaust 80 BBDC 37 ATDC
@20 thou - 76 degree overlap

Timing Events @050
Open Close
Intake 20 Btdc 48 Abdc
Exhaust 61 Bbdc 17 Atdc
@50 thou - 37 - Deg Over-lap
Specs are similar to Crane f246 and Ford Motorsport A342, but with more lift to feed the extra cubes.

Carb: QuickFuel Q850 (Jets - 72 primary, 78 secondary) 4.5 Power Valve. This carb originally had 76/86 jets, running with the 3” X Pipe exhaust (now twin 2.5”). The unburnt fuel fumes were unbearable.
3/8 Fuel Line with RobMC 550HP pump (this pump is rated at 550HP, but with a ½ inch fuel line)
Ignition: Ford Autolite converted to electronic with optical trigger, using an MSD digital 6AL and MSD Blaster 2 coil for spark. This looks identical to a Ford points dizzy. 7mm leads…
Timing - 24 degrees initial, 29 degrees total (all in by 3500RPM)
Exhaust: Pacemaker 4 into 1, 1 ¾ “ primaries into 3” collectors. Mandrel bent dual 2.5” system, 2 x 16” chambered mufflers, into 2 ¼ over the diff, with 2” tips as original GTs had…
Driveline: Exceede steel flywheel, custom made 9” twin plate clutch, rebuilt wide ratio Top Loader, Fully rebuilt 9” with 3.25 LSD, with steel hat.

I'm about to rebuild this engine soon, in the quest for driveability, I've outgrown a massive cam with too much overlap Wink

Any guesses what this combo made on the engine dyno?
(Which had 2", 4 into 1 headers)

Next build I'm gonna use one of George's suggested grinds...

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