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As I crawl into the tail end of my electrical rebuild I have a decreasing number of item to connect. I have been left with this small group of harness bundled wires - light blue , grey and black.

I have gone through the wire schematic and cannot see such a combination occurring where they are located, under the dash.  

Any bright ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Percy what car we talk Pantera right?
(I did the whole thing and the wiring diagrams done by Lee & Team where pretty good, 4907 from 73). I did confirm ALL the colors on my wire loom with Lee & Team drawings, 99% match.

- "dark" blue in the middle is the cigaret lighter part NOT light blue.
- all BK = Blck in my car does go to ground. per the drawings
- GY was going to the middle as supporting the Seat belt Buzzer linked to fuse 11 ..I removed all this as no need..
- aslo starter intelock I do not have  page fuse 12 and 11!

I had only some odd stuff on the radio set up..which I removed ...

you need to keep on searching..end to end..may be all dead ends as never used..


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Hi Matthias.

Yes 74 Pantera but Euro Spec. I have already pulled a mile of aftermarket add on wiring out or the car and it is possible this is more of the same. Relooking at it the outer sleeve looks slightly different than the original harness so it could well be extra. I chased it back as far as possible and it did not go into the main harness.

I will stick a wire tracker on it tomorrow and see if I can find the terminations , but they are  not at the fuse panel.

Thanks for the response.

ok mine is EUR spec as well euro GTS..HAPPY to help!

well I did!  ..replaced 2 miles on new and thinner/new a "dangerous job".... took me all winter 2019 as an EE ..

IMPORTANT the docu from the nice US folks Lee & team did prove very much correct..I did marke wire by wire color by color against the doc, so a very precise match work done.

Also now everything is on connectors, same type as in pictures

just the Dash view..


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Thanks Matthias and Joules .

I am ashamed to say I was not even aware there was a seat interlock system . The car had most of the warning relays stripped out of it when I got it and I got it as a rolling shell. Thank  you  for the diagram. That rewiring looks a huge task!

6997 has been in pieces now for a neat 30 years , having been disassembled in 1991. I have been on it now for 18 months. I have rebuilt the mechanical in full including all the suspension , and the car is drawing ever closer to being able to be restarted.

Electrically I have so far installed all of the ignition, lighting, flasher, air conditioner control upgrades from Jon from PE , and his fuse box  , as well as the PE engine management system and alternator and starter upgrade .( I may have to open an agency for him!) The ammeter / voltmeter change out and head light lift upgrade has been done. I finished the  radiator fan controller unit and thermostat upgrade wiring today which looks solid. I still have to install the Tesla electric park brake controller unit. Then that's pretty well it.

I have pulled a mile of 30 year old retrofit wire out of it and there is still more to go.

It very close to being able to be started  but I am trying to ensure there are minimum remaining loose non terminated  ends before I do it. I have no doubt there will be a few issues when I eventually turn it on !

I am not sure if there is a accepted best way to progressively re-commission what is effectively a new electrical system ? Turn it on and hope ? Did you have a preferred sequence or check sheet you may have developed ?

I have started to do it with a 2A fuse in line to try to avoid any blue smoke .....


understand your situation ..

studdy the document on wireing it is very good
- IMportant all ignition/starter stuff is WITHOUT a that needs to be clean rest is good with small fuse to start
(window motors are crap they suck 10 amps ++..disconnect for a first start then replace them)
- cooling set up is cutial, in case, there is nice docu within the forum George Pence & co did a top write up
- headlight power source needs to go via not via the ignition key switch!
- then get it started..

Rest is all easy step by step


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I had the master wiring diagram which I have printed out on a large board in the workshop. I  have been using that as my guide on the rewiring effort.  I was unaware of the system by system diagrams on the Pantera Place. The amount of effort that has gone into these is amazing !

They are exactly what I need to commission the system and track down bugs. Brilliant!


Percy right

is a kind of "use case"  by "use case" view, which is a logical view, there is still brain work  needed to map it to the physical view specially with all the mods to be done..

And looking at the starter interlook subsystem page it apears that your 3 cable do as Joules was stating go there..GY, LB,  BK

The big map is more an overview but to my judgement not relly to work with, again I had all out and on the desk..

Hey Jon - Thanks for the head up on the mystery wires. Where the heck is the "Fasten Seat belt" indicator? I have scoured the dashboard and the single line and cannot for the life of me see where it is supposed to be .

Full power onto all of the boards today and no blue smoke which I am grateful for . I am trying hard not to blow up any of your boards!

I worked through the Fuse relay and then the lighting board Limit switch commissioning with success. Good advice by the way - the plastic gear in the headlight drive was in three pieces. So that was replaced with the brass upgrade and repacked. Those buckets just slide up now. Nice and smooth-ish. Like gravel.

Ignition and engine controller next.

I did notice the indicator lights on the Engine electronic controller unit stayed on in the engine bay even when the key switch was turned off. That is plainly not  right so I will be looking at that on the weekend. The supply seems to be constant which is a bit odd?



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