Looking for chrome rear emblems, nice condition only.  Not yet sold on the stainless copies being offered.....


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 just out of curiosity what are the originals worth? Part of the spares package I received with S/N 4503, included the 4 original emblems shown.

 Both the "Pantera" and "Power By Ford" emblems have "Maggi-Milano" embossed on the back side. The "Pantera" has it embossed twice on the backside. Once on the "t" and on the "a".

 The "Power By Ford" has 2 push in / on mounting posts.

 The "Pantera" and "GTS" each have 3 mounting posts. The "Ghia" just a single mounting post. All THREE of these have threaded mounting posts.

I am NOT "fishing" for offers! I'm more thinking about replacement values for my home owners insurance policy.


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