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Hi all,
This feels like a stupid question but I was lucky enough to find an NOS SD510 R12 compressor (I'm staying with R12 because I have a great AC shop that still has a stash).
I bought the bracket from IPSCO -which is a beautifully made piece by the way, it's a shame no one but me will ever see it.

The pulley needs to be removed to install the bracket right?
This video

makes it seem like there are some pretty special tools to get the pulley off.
Is that the process?

Here's mine:


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As always, it's hard to diagnose problems by looking at a photo but it looks like your existing pulley has very deep grooves for the v-belts. You may be able to have a machine shop reduce the OD of the pulley enough to allow bolt access yet still have enough groove for the belt. When installed, the OD of my pulley is nearly flush with the top surface of the belt.

Thanks again guys. I was so happy to find a real Sanden NOS R12 single pulley compressor...

@forestg, it's still a 5 piston compressor and mounting spacing is the same but I think you're right though, I believe it does have more displacement than a 508 (164 vs. 131cc) and might not be an issue. Let's see, 25% more volume per rotation, but 75% less turns per RPM. There's probably an elegant equation for all of this.

@davidnunn, you're making me wonder if this pulley is designed for a larger belt - it's a wide groove, maybe this thing's for a tractor or something?IMG_0694IMG_0692


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I believe that you are supposed to use a stud instead of a bolt, hold the bracket out enough to start the nut, then it should clear as you tighten down the nut?

There are studs available that have internal hex drive sockets that you use a hex key on. SAE. I don't know about Metric. I don't remember what size those bolts are but certainly 3/8" is available.

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