That's what I'm leaning towards,
It's just spending this kind of $ for something that will need more work is a tuff pill to swallow.
I was surprised to see that at least sitting there the doors don't sag at all and only the front flares have cracked, neither the running boards or read flares have cracked.
But I wasn't happy with the way the inner fender and cut original fender were just left, not even painted or tidied up, is that the way it's supposed to be?
But the value and rarity are going up so if not now maybe never.
Well I got her home 2 weeks ago, but with the hours I work and the fact I'm currently in disneyland for my daughters 4th birthday I haven't had a chance to do much.

And having to resize all the pics I take with my phone is a PITA. LOL. I'll get around to more pics as soon as I get back home.
And having to resize all the pics I take with my phone is a PITA.

I use a free tool called Irfanview to batch-resize pictures for upload to this (and other) websites.

Makes it easy to select all the pictures in a folder and do a batch resizing (640x480 for example) and save in a new folder. And if a picture is still over 200kb, you can 'save as' and lower the quality to get the size down.
Also keep in mind that you're really not hung out there at the edge of the world in Maui. Besides this forum and the other one at, there are several Pantera owners on Maui and maybe 15 collectively on all the islands. My youngest son lives in Puukolani.
I need to address the leaking right cover on the ZF,
And the bolts were to long keeping the valve cover from being torqued properly.

Anybody have an opinion on the headers? Do they need support at the mufflers? They just kinda "hang" there.
And if you grab ahold of them you can get quite a bit a movement out of them, while they flex.
Yes, they most certainly need to be supported at the mufflers. If they are currently not so supported someone has removed the factory supports, likely you do not have stock Ansa mufflers anymore. Correct?

Have you looked to see if the stock, attached to the chassis, muffler support brackets are still in place?


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