agree with others, Thanks for sharing the magnificant work you are doing. can't wait to see the finish car.

especially like the real "gills" and air induction
Kim, that is a lot of very nice work, and all in only an hour or so! Very impressed! Big Grin
I try to get a lot done when i have time over from my buisness but it might be a little more than one hourSmiler
Nice work Kim. You are a talented craftsman.

I like the spin tool for the stacks. That would make a great YouTube video watching the tubing role into the stack..
Originally posted by kim k:
Here is the new engine fitted Bmw M5 S62B50

Fantastic engine! What a challenge to adapt this high tech engine to the Pantera!
Nice job Kim. After a dozen BMWs owned, it's nice to see the real BMW Motorsport engine in a beautiful body.

Btw, which part of Finland you are building this monster?
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Absolutely oustanding. I'm looking forward to further photos and when the 'beast' growling first time

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