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I went up to the L.A. area last week and dropped off my A/C box at Wilkenson P antera. This store/shop/warehouse/custom fabrication place is the most awesome car joint I have ever been to. From the moment you go to the front door you see a meticulously maintained succulent garden, well kept building and very professional well done signage. The customer counter lounge area reminds me of a fancy law office only all the decorations are all vintage Pantera stuff like V12 De Tomaso Hillborn injected engine sitting there on a stand. I was shown the mezzanine that contained 1.2 million NOS, used and reproduction parts for all Panteras that is psychotically organized and stored. The entire building spotless like hospital! Steve the owner said he went to Italy years back and bought out all of De Tomaso's parts, tooling and other stuff and had it shipped back to L.A.

I dropped of my box on Thursday and he had it done by Friday afternoon. I picked it up Saturday due to the gnarly L.A. traffic. He installed a upgraded 10 row evaporator,heater core,expansion valve,heater valve and upgraded 3 speed blower ect. I also bought a new scroll compressor with bracket, pre-cut  A/C lines,dryer,condenser and A/C switch which was all in stock . I could have assembled all of this and took a little time, but he showed me one that just finished for another customer that was sitting on the bench. It wasn't cheep, but the quality and workmanship is top notch! Here are some pics.


Check the over head cam Cleveland that the Mr. Ford said no! Here is also a pic of my York compressor that came with my car. The previous owner said it was new and never ran, but I can't verify that. Is this worth anything to anyone?


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