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72 pantera, #4152, 42k miles, red, not running, obvious body damage (dents and dings) not run in over 7 years, and paint is 15+ years old.
purchased Feburary 2002 in Burbank California.
I have had the car a full year now so I am ready to acknowledge this purchase.
I want to personaly thank Dick Dickson for allowing us to inspect the purchase in his garage.
I have been a PI member for three years and a POCA memeber as well. Been to Vegas with my first car which was Long and Newman Pantera also purchased unrunning and was aware of the pontential hazards.
I do believe that I was lucky to find this car. Owner lived in Vegas and a customer in Colorado told me of his freind with a pantera over two years ago. All word of mouth and a long distance purchase
Car had $30k of reciepts spent on the car which included
motor rebuild with build sheet.
Tranny rebuild with reciepts 4000 miles ago (RBT)
new clutch, spicer half shafts, brake rebuilds, interior seats recovered (Hall) alunium radiator and green stripe hoses.
So I felt attention had been paid by all three previous owners. Which I have the names of and were PI members as well. Car attended its last Vegas rally in 1991

Over the last year I have spent aproximatley 5K Which include bare metal repaint change color to yellow
Front and rear suspension rebuild with new bushings, front ball joints, sterring rack, bearings, shocks, Carburater rebuild, new plug wires and general freshing of exterior of motor. New rubber on stock wheels.

Rust Is the biggest question so:
Yes I found some located in rocker panels and lower door james when car was in bare metal, which didn't show prior. Front radiator valance replaced prior.
Problem spots cut out and replaced with new metal. Car did show signs of other accidents front pasenger side, rear drivers quarter, and middle trunk. Nothing to major but bondo was removed and repaired properly. Car was alwas a California car being sold originally in LA.

Since car has been completed First to see and hear it.
Chuck Engles and the rest of the Okies in New mexico, Which I participated in the Jaguar Road Runner rally, sept 2002
Jim Demick when he came thru my home town fall 2002.

Still Love the car and will see you in Vegas 2003 driving it all the way.
Was it worth it? YES!
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