In my opinion, $36K was a very good price, especially on ebay. The engine bay wasn't even detailed on the car. If you have an engine out to work on it and paint it, why not at least finish it off by smoothing off the metal and detailing the engine bay with paint or whatever. Other than that, it did look like a nice car.
I have been watching the cars on Ebay and I think those bidding really need to be careful. I am not surprised this car did not actually sell to the high bidder because there were a number of bidders who had never purchased anything on ebay bidding up and "winning" the auctions on a number of these Panteras that went up recently.

As a note, I purchased a car that was once Ebay but called the owner direct and worked out a normal purchasing process after pointing out these practices with which he didn't want to participate in as well. The car is everything he advertised it as and I am extremely pleased with it. But if you are bidding on ebay items beaware of the bidders who have never purchased anything running up the prices.

By the way, I looked at buying that Maroon Pantera because I adore Mike Dailey's car but it seemed like it had a long way to go to become Mike Dailey's car.

Happy Bidding!

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Originally posted by Kevin Perry:
Nice original looking car which went for a good price.

The car didn't even have those useless hibachi-holes chopped into the front hood. Those ugly holes really look out of place on 71-74 cars!

I agree. Hibachi grills destroy the original beautiful lines of the front hood. They should only be seen on later model cars since it was factory installed on those cars.

As for the ebay car in question, a big negative I see is its non-stock color.

Other than that the car looks great and even has the HIGHLY desirable 10 inch Campys! Those wheels really set the car on a higher plateau from others wearing the very common Campys clones.
Mayberry is THE L-M dealer that has maintained a steady interest in the Pantera. They restore cars regularly, but do not do the upgrade game. I'm sure one of their cars would be a great, dependable car and could serve as the platform for your personal touches, not a learning curve disaster that kept showing you hidden trouble spots. Never saw that car, but it does seem a bit overpriced at $36K. However, dependability does have its value.

Josh ...

Some people are big on the stock color thing, but not me ... I think Panteras look great with metallic paint. (I guess silver was the only stock metaillic color for the 70's cars?) There just wasn't a enough og a variety in the stock colors.

There is a GT-500 in the family that is painted Aculpulco Blue (metallic blue) ... from the factory it was Black Jade (very very dark metallic green). It's worth more to me in its current blue.

I guess value (as well as beauty) is all in the eye of the beholder.
I've not only seen this car but have watched throughout Mike Mayberry's year-long restoration process. This car was originally blue and was literally found behind the proverbial barn with weeds growing up right through it. Incredibly, it was almost completeley rust-free. Mike had a lot of quality work done on the car and it is my opinion that this is a $40K car all day long. It may not be my own taste but I have no doubt that it'll make some owner very happy, especially if he can get it bought for the e-bay high bid amount.
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