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Yes, my car is a narrow body part of the 9000 serie (#9117), I am not sure that the snorkel points toward cylinder # 1 or 8 (see motor photo of the flyer from the years 79 and 80, the snorkel points to cylinder # 1 ???) at any rate, my problem is more to find the air filter base for holley with snorkel points toward cylinder #1 or 8 it doesn't matter, I will move the sheet metal choke stove accordingly.

Thank you.


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Very interesting to see this. I have also been searching for one myself, and assumed that it was a generic fitment to mustangs that came from the factory with Holley carbs, but I haven't been able to work out which one it was, as my searching always seems to end up showing something not quite right, with a steel small diameter elbow on them. If you find out what other cars had this, then please let us know. Or if you work out where else to get one, maybe as a newly manufactured item, then please let me know.

As a substitute, I am using the stock Ford aircleaner that came on the earlier Panteras, and I have a short spacer to lift the aircleaner up so it clears the carb. It all fits under the stock engine covers and appears original. A question about the one you show in the photo - does it have space for the EGR canister thing at the back of the engine. The cover you show has a large recess, but that is for the distributor cap, right - the little tounges in the centre where it fits on the carb go to the engine front  - and thus the snorkel would seem to point to the front on the one you show - or is the aircleaner mounted the other way around?

Cheers, Tim.

Hello tim,

I'm like you, after a lot of searching I can't find a air filter for holley, nor can I find another car that has the pantera air filter fitted. The only photo I have found on the net showing an original filter suitable for holley is that of G. Pence.

I think that the possibility of finding a filter is greater in Europe because the Pantera was originally equipped with a Holley carburetor.

About your questions on the photo: I do not know if the EGR valve can be mounted. Yes, the snorkel points to the front (cylinder # 1) with the position of the tabs at the front of the carburetor + the large recess for the distributor, there is a delta compared to the air filter for motorcraft carb, other than the recess for holley, it is the socket for the valve cover which is at the front and not on the right side.

If i find a air filter for holley i will let you know.

(sorry for my bad english)

Hi Tim,

Good new, I found out which car the photo of the G. Pence air filter base came from, this is a Boss 302 (non Ram Air) air filter base. Bad new it's very difficult to find one.

There is also the 428 cj (non Ram air) air filter base with 2 smalls differences with the 302 boss:

-  the crankcase ventilation in the front: plastic on 302 boss and steel on 428 cj

- I do not see a hole for connect the vapor fuel gas hose (from canister assy) on 428 cj ?.

There are reproduction of the 428 Cj but, i didn't find any for the 302 boss, but the modifications seem easy to achieve.

Nota: both Boss 302 and 428 Cj  engine were equiped with 4150 Holley.


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  • 302 Boss
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Thanks for the info. It seems that there is a Scott Drake repro, but which still has the metal elbow on the front, and seems to be for the 428 CJ and so still requires modification. It is listed as out of stock at NPD (but where they show the bottom), and listed at Holley who seems to own Scott Drake, as only the 428 CJ Part # C9ZZ-9600-H -  Not so cheap, but it seems to be the best option.

Cheers, Tim.

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