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       I hadn't put a lot of thought into the shifter just yet. It is a long way down the road yet. That being said, your shifter looks like it would very likely fit the bill. As long as the throws are correct for the Graziano shift levers it looks like it will fit my space constraints well. I will keep it in mind for when I need to make something happen. Thanks!

Thanks David! My biggest concern with the chassis was that I would now have torque loading induced into it due to the AWD system. There will be plenty of power there so I wanted to ensure the center section was as stiff as I could make it without adding a massive amount of weight. Now that it is on the rotisserie I will finish welding all of the areas that were awkward from underneath. Also going to add some triangulation in the door area to support the rear chassis upper bars. I will likely add removable door bars as the car is going to be difficult enough to get into and out of without them. From there I need to rebuild the sheet metal for the front and rear firewall and tie in the original bodywork. The floor will likely be carbon fiber sealed to the metal structure.  Engine/trans installation next then it's on to the suspension designing. Once that's done the bodywork will start. After that plumbing, wiring, and painting. 


Have you seen this:

Might give you some ideas. Also, keep in mind, the transaxle you have is set-up with something like a 25%/75% front-to-rear torque split. Even though it's the same transaxle, the Lamborghini version has less torque directed towards the front than the Audi R8 version does. That being said, the R8 still has a significant rearward bias because they want it to feel like a RWD car. Of course this bias only applies on dry roads!

Getting back to the shifter topic, Fran at Superlite Cars is making shifters  for Graziano transaxles because OEM Audi/Lamborghini shifters are so hard to find. He's the first to admit the OEM Audi/Lamborghini shifter has a nicer feel. 

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        I will be ditching the stock R8 viscous coupler and designing a clutch pack based center differential which will allow me electronic control of torque split on the car. The gearing however will allow a maximum of 50/50 split on the Gallardo transaxle according to my ratio calculations and tire sizing. There is a high likelyhood that I will need to build my own shifter due to space constraints. The driveshaft does not leave me much space for anything to recess into the console.

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