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Very interesting car! A lot of cool engineering went into it! Sounds great and goes like crazy….

But I would say that there is no Pantera! There is not a single Pantera specific part you can take from my car - or, I would argue, any Pantera on this forum -  that would be a replacement part for this car!
The amount of modifications removed everything that was Pantera!

Still, a very cool car!

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Just watched the video again and there was one thing he said…. how the DeTomaso Pantera could have been today if the company would have continued…

I was looking at the car with the wrong mindset!
comparing this car to what I have…


it would be like comparing a ‘71 Mustang to a 2024 Mustang….

Once again, I have to make a mark in the calendar - A day I was wrong - June26 2024

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I thought it was said in the video that he no longer considered it a Pantera, due to the extensive modifications….

I also have to point out that there was more emotion and crying in that video than any car video I have ever seen…

….unless it’s the Pantera owners WATCHING the Ring Brothers car video!



It’s a mixed bag….
Cool and sad at the same time!
as @panteradoug stated:

“Shad's car is outrageous and simply in a class all by itself.”

i am torn both ways as you can tell but at least I think we agree that it is one hell of a car he put together regardless what you want to call it…

when I put the Powersteering in my car and was cutting under the dashboard, my right eye was twitching….

This car does have its place in the Pantera community regardless of the viewpoint…” it’s all in the eye of the beholder…”                            

Some cry , some are drooling…. But we are all losing liquid.. 😭🤤

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