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SOLD as of 10/2022

Hello. I recently sold Pantera #4503 and have some extra goodies to sell;

Collection of original OEM emblems and a tachometer face for De Tomaso Pantera.

+ ALL the emblems are OEM / factory made in Italy, by Maggi-Milano.
+ ALL the emblems still have their mounting tabs attached.

Emblems are;
- Ghia
- Pantera
- Power by Ford
- Detomaso (chrome finish isn't the best on this one.

Also included in the group, is a original OEM tachometer face.

As you can see in the attached photos. This collection makes a nice display.

$500.00 / US Funds gets you the entire collection. If interested. I can be reached via telephone at 503 796 0858  (USA / PST)

* Looking to sell them as set / group and not one emblem at a time.


Images (12)
  • 20211009_144022_HDR
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  • 20211009_144120_HDR
  • 20211009_144105_HDR(1)
  • 20211009_144139_HDR
  • 20211009_144153_HDR(1)
  • 20211009_144209_HDR(1)
  • 20211009_144221_HDR
  • 20211009_144248_HDR
  • 20211009_144302_HDR
  • 20211009_144329_HDR(1)
  • 20211009_144345_HDR
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