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I previously owned a 1973 Pantera L, number 4902, that I bought new from the Lincoln Mercury Dealer in Clearwater, Florida. I recently came across several pieces of literature associated with that purchase and figured someone who currently owns a Pantera could appreciate having them as part of your collection, rather than they continue to take up space in my closet. Items include:

Pantera Technical Shop Manual, white vinyl 3-ring binder (excellent condition except for some print bleed through on the back cover Pantera backfrom another shop manual it was lying upon. See photo)
Pantera owners' manual
Original window sticker from 1973 Pantera L
Consumer Information for Pantera L by Ghia
Consumer Information for Pantera by deTomaso
Original Pantera showroom brochure
Road Test - Pantera 1973 Sports Car of the Year. (2 copies) Pantera books

They are currently listed on Craigslist Tampa Bay for $150 for the entire collection. Shipping extra.


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  • Pantera back
  • Pantera books
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Original sticker, as are all the other items.

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Is the window sticker a generic reproduction, or the original from 4902??

if it is the original then that is a unique and valuable piece of history for the current owner and should be handled separately from the other pieces.



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